4 Ways To Make An Old Car Feel Luxurious

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4 Ways To Make An Old Car Feel Luxurious

31 March 2017
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Holding onto an old car that still runs well can make a lot of sense financially. You get to avoid a large monthly car payment, and your car insurance may be cheaper as well, since new cars are usually more expensive to insure. Just because you're driving around in an older car, however, doesn't mean you can't have a super comfortable and luxurious ride. Here are a few ideas for upgrading your older car to make it feel more luxurious:

Custom-Fit Floor Mats

If you're still driving around with the factory-original floor mats that came with your car, chances are they are grungy and discolored beyond recognition. Luckily, custom-fit floor mats that are designed for your specific make and model are an easy upgrade that can make a big impact in how the interior of your car looks and feels.

Make sure to opt for custom-fit mats instead of generic mats, or else you will likely have to deal with the mats not fitting properly. Custom-fit rubber mats look great and are easy to keep clean and new-looking.

Invest in a New Stereo

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a new car stereo, since even an affordable entry-level car stereo will be a huge improvement over an old, factory-model stereo that includes an unused cassette player and no bells and whistles. Look for a touch-screen model that will allow you to easily play music from your phone, and you will feel like you have a brand-new ride.

Replace Your Old Headlights

Old, cloudy, yellowed headlights not only make your car look much older, but also make driving at night more dangerous. You can buy replacement lights for your specific make and model online or at your local dealership, and most include easy DIY replacement instructions that do not require hiring a mechanic.

Buy New Seat Covers

If your upholstered or leather seats have become faded, discolored, or torn, new seat covers are a great way to make the inside of your car feel new again. Make sure to opt for seat covers designed specifically for your vehicle, and choose neutral colors that as close to the original seat colors as possible to make the covers a little less obvious.

By spending a bit of time and money to make your older car more luxurious-feeling, you will make the most out of the time you have the car.  

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