Reasons To Spray Your Car's Undercarriage

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Reasons To Spray Your Car's Undercarriage

16 April 2017
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You have sunk a lot of money in your car or truck, and you want it to last as long as possible. You regularly change the oil, rotate the tires, and you pass every inspection with flying colors. However, there may be one small aspect that could really protect your car. The small aspect that you are most likely overlooking is putting a vehicle undercoating on your car. You may not have even thought about this before, but there are many reasons that you should seriously consider putting an undercoat on your vehicle. Here are three very simple reasons why you may want to consider car undercoating.


You may know what salt does to metal, it corrodes it. Salt is a very good conductor because it has a lot of free ions. This makes it much easier for electrolysis reactions to occur, and these are what are primarily responsible for rust. Your car's side panels, bumpers and other parts have paint so they are protected. However, look under your car and you are gong to find that the car has naked metal exposed underneath. If you live in an area that is on the coast, you have to deal with salt on a daily basis. Having your car's undercarriage sprayed may help extend the life of your car. Other areas that see a lot of snow also see a lot of salt. Only the salt that icy and cold places see is in the form of road salt. You may not know it but that road salt can cause a great deal of damage to your car. You do not want something as simple as salt to ruin your car, so be proactive and get it protected with a protective coating. 

Insurance Rates

This may come as a surprise to you but there are other benefits to having your car's undercarriage sprayed with a protective vehicle undercoating. You might actually be interested to find out that many insurance companies will give you a decent discount on your car insurance if the car has had the undercarriage sprayed. This is simply because the insurance company has had to deal with a lot of different clients that have had corrosion from salt on their own cars. Getting your undercarriage professionally sprayed may set you back a little bit in regards to your wallet, but you can make some of it back with savings on insurance. 

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