What To Do Before Turning Your Car In When The Lease Is Up

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What To Do Before Turning Your Car In When The Lease Is Up

15 April 2018
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If you are someone who leases a car, and you are getting ready to turn the car in at the end of its lease, then you have to make sure that you return it to the dealership in as good condition as you possibly can. You do not want to give them any reason to charge you for things that you might have avoided with a bit of due diligence. It is relatively easy to make sure that you bring back a car in good shape that will not result in a penalty. There are some simple tricks that you can do to get rid of some minor problems, as well as some advice on how to handle more than minor problems.  

Get The Interior Detailed

You should spend money and get the interior of your car detailed. It is worth it to pay for a service to vacuum and clean the inside of the car to make it attractive. After years of driving it, you might have become immune to some of the little things that someone will see with fresh eyes. So, all of the upholstery needs to be cleaned. If there are stains, then pay for them to be dealt with. Likewise, you will want to make sure the dashboard is also cleaned. It's not a great idea to send in a car that has smudged up or dirty vinyl or leather. Make sure that the place you bring your car knows how to handle this and has the proper cleaners.

Repair Any Minor Dents

You should certainly go ahead and make sure any small dents are taken care of. Bring your car into a body shop and have them repair the dents and match the paint. If you don't have the dents taken out and dealt with, the dealer will charge you an enormous amount of money. They will claim that there is a huge cost associated with the fixing of the dents, so it's best to have this taken care of before you turn your car in.

Get A "New Car" Air Freshener

Finally, and this is a really nice trick, head out and get one of those promotional air fresheners for your car. Pick one that has that new car smell and install it in your car in the weeks leading up to the return date. The new car smell is a fantastic way to have the car "smell" new, which is a cool psychological trick. The person who gives the car a once-over will smell a new car, and as long as you've cleaned it and taken care of any dents, it will be a very convincing way to make them have a positive reaction to the car. 

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