2 Signs Your Car's Remote Starter Is Going Bad

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2 Signs Your Car's Remote Starter Is Going Bad

12 April 2022
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If your car has a system installed that allows you to start it from within your home or while walking through the parking lot, you may love the convenience that it gives. However, if you've found that you need to hit the button on your key fob more than once to get the engine to turn over, it might be time for a replacement. While dying batteries are often the cause of this problem, it is possible that the system is starting to go bad. Especially if you have already changed the batteries in your key fob. Look for the following signs that you may need to have your car's remote starting system either repaired or replaced.

1.  You Have to Be Closer to the Car for the Remote Starter to Work

One sign that your car's remote starting system is failing is when you are no longer able to start your vehicle at the same distance as you have before. While you may have been able to sit in your living room to start the engine, you may find that you have to walk out on the front porch to do so. When this happens, the sensor that is installed and connected to the engine is most likely going bad and will need to be replaced.

2.  Your Car Starts Turning On by Itself Without Hitting the Button on the Key Fob

Another sign of a failing system is when your car starts turning on by itself. Even if you do not have the key fob in your hand, you may hear the engine turn over and rev up as if you hit the start button. If this is happening, there may be a short somewhere within the remote starting system. If there is a short, it could damage the starter on your vehicle, which would require the replacement of not only the remote system but also that part. 

Whether you find that you have to stand so close to your car that you may as well start it yourself or your vehicle decides to start itself without you, there is most likely a serious problem with the remote system that you use to start your car. If you have already changed the batteries in the key fob and are still having issues, there could be a short in the sensor located within the vehicle. Before you are unable to remotely start your vehicle or the problem causes a short making it impossible to start your car at all, take your car to a shop that works on remote car starters.

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