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5 Benefits Of Window Tint For Your Car

28 February 2017
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Window tint is an additional automotive expense, but it's one that has major benefits to make the cost worthwhile. Here are five major benefits of having your car windows tinted: Protects Your Car's Interior The bright rays of the sun can cause serious damage to the interior of your car, making it age much faster than it would if it was protected from UV rays. The UV protection of window tinting means that your vehicle's upholstery won't fade or become discolored, and leather interiors won't fade or crack from the sun. Read More …

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Fluid Change

31 March 2016
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The transmission in your car is a very complicated and important part that helps to keep your vehicle moving at a consistent speed. Specifically, the transmission takes the power that is created by the engine and transports it to the drive axle. This, in turn, moves the four wheels of the car. The transmission utilizes gears to make sure that speed and power are retained in the correct ratio in accordance to the output of the engine. Read More …

4 Common Flat Bed Trailer Problems & How Tarp Systems Can Help

17 March 2016
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If you own and operate a long-haul trucking business with a flat bed trailer, you may want to consider investing in a tarp system. These systems are custom made and designed to enclose the contents of your trailer, which can help reduce these common problems within your industry. Time Management Problem: As an owner-operator, your time is valuable. The time it takes to manually cover your flatbed loads with a large, heavy tarp is time that is taken away from driving to your delivery destinations and unloading the materials. Read More …

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Making Your Car More Exciting

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